signature service

Your family is important to you. Because the well-being of your family is such a priority in your life, they matter to us too. At University Termite and Pest Control, we’ve developed ways to deliver non-invasive, affordable and trusted Signature Service protocols to protect your family by keeping your home pest free.

The healthiest lifestyles don’t begin in the gym. It starts at home. Despite your efforts to eat right, exercise and be fit, your kitchen, your bedroom or living room can be infested with unhealthy pests without your knowledge. Keeping your family and pets safe and secure requires the kind of pest free protection our Signature Service delivers.

We always begin with the question: If your home isn’t protected, then what is? Termites, bedbugs, scorpions and many other pests can invade your home. Our protocols provide you with non-invasive, affordable protection against these invaders, both in and around your home. It’s time you acquired Signature Service protection.
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